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Integration of Natura2000 conservation objectives into forest management - Lessons learned from LIFE -


We regret to inform you that we have to cancel our LIFE workshop in Bonn, 7-8 May. The restriction of public life due to the outspread of the virus has forced us to stop the organisation of our event. We hope to be able to postpone the dates and will inform you as soon as possible.
Please look after yourselves and look out for each other! Klaus Striepen


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By sharing experiences and results of current and finalized LIFE projects, we will discuss the integration of nature conservation objectives into sustainably managed forests as a key of preserving and promoting forest habitats and species of European importance.

Discussion points

  1. How can we preserve and promote forest species and habitats of European importance in managed forest stands? 
  2. What are the limits and opportunities for the maintenance of traditional silvicultural systems in the framework of Natura2000? 
  3. How can we address both forest owners and -users to support the integration of nature protection targets into forest management?

Target audience

We invite project managers of ongoing, completed and submitted projects under the EU-LIFE framework. Furthermore, we encourage the participation of representatives from the EU, national and regional administrations as well as the contribution of forest experts from forestry and nature conservation.


The meeting is hosted by the LIFE+ project “Ville Forests” in collaboration with the European Forest Institute, Bonn. The project aimed at improving the conservation status of oak-hornbeam forests on hydromorphic soils in managed forests in Western Germany.

Call for participation

Join our meeting and learn more about LIFE projects implemented in Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany, which address nature conservation in forests! Discuss with EU experts, foresters and conservation managers methods and challenges of a Natura2000 compliant forest management! Take the opportunity to present your own project, share your ideas and experiences in securing biological diversity in our forests!

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